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It’s now possible to build an App for your WooCommerce store. How easy? Well, we’ll explore that in this article. Hope you enjoy and give WooSignal a try, our goal is to help store owners get on the app store with minimal effort.

WooSignal’s WooCommerce app template

Getting started

Note. You can follow along without any experience in app development.

Let’s Connect

First, you’ll need to connect your store to WooSignal.

Connect your store on WooSignal

Click “Connect store” and enter the URL for your store e.g. https://outdoor-store.com. After connecting your store, you’ll be able to see a live preview of the app.

Dashboard to manage the app


You can make changes from the dashboard to personalise your store. The app builder supports different themes, caching for speed and the ability to update the following:

  • App logo
  • Home screen banners
  • Supported payment providers: Stripe, PayPal or Cash on Delivery
  • Languages: English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese
  • And more!

These changes will happen in real-time when your customers open the app. E.g. if you update the App logo in the dashboard, your customers will see this change in the app.

The app also supports:

  • Log in/registration for customers via WordPress
  • The ability for them to make orders in the app
  • Push notifications via OneSignal
Customer login via WordPress

Custom development

Need extra features? Don’t worry, that’s possible too. The app template uses Flutter, a UI software development kit created by Google. We often see clients use sites like Fiverr to find Flutter developers to implement custom features into their app.

Let’s talk about uploading the app

Uploading to the app stores can be a daunting task. If you need assistance, the team can help. Those who have uploaded apps in the past will find this process no different from any other app.

IOS — App Store

First, you’ll need an Apple Developer account, here’s a link.

Once you have an account, you’ll be able to login to iTunesConnect which is where you’ll distribute the app.

Android — Google Play Store

First, you’ll need a Google Play Developer account, here’s a link.

After signing up, it’ll allow you to access the Google Play Console which is where you’ll distribute the app.

Made it here?

Great, well hope you enjoyed the read. I thought this was worth sharing for those who would be interested in a mobile app.

We picked WooCommerce to integrate with because it provides an amazing eCommerce solution with little effort.

Now you can provide a real native mobile experience for your tech-savvy customers. Thank you for reading, send any feedback my way and I’ll get back to you.

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