WooCommerce App Template (5.7.0)

Product Page Gets a Fresh Redesign in 5.7.0 Here are a list of updates that we’ve added to the latest app template (5.7.0). Refactor product detail page View HTML in the description on the product detail page Allow upsell products to be viewed on the Product detail page (if enabled) Allow related products to be… Continue reading WooCommerce App Template (5.7.0)

WooSignal v8.2 is here!

We’ve managed to sneak some more features in before Christmas to help you prepare for 2022. These changes are live so you can start taking advantage of the new features today. Here are some of the latest features in v8.2: Ability to send notifications from WooSignal Change the theme font, colors and add social media… Continue reading WooSignal v8.2 is here!