Introducing Teams for WooSignal

WooSignal v8.5
WooSignal v.8.5 Updates

WooSignal v8.5 Platform Updates

You can now create teams on WooSignal for your team members. This is a big change and it will allow you to assign stores to members.

The dashboard has been improved to accommodate these changes too, starting with the top navigation bar. If you select the Personal account link, it will display a dropdown for any teams you are a part of. Clicking a team will switch to viewing any assigned stores for that team.

These changes are baked into v8.5 and it’s possible to create up to 10 teams if you are a Plus user.

Update Overview

What’s new?

  • Ability to create teams within the dashboard
  • Assign stores to team members
  • API improvements for performance
  • Dashboard UI updates

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